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Patient Finds Relief In Treatment

“So it came from all those years of lifting stuff. And one morning I woke up in excruciating pain. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t sit. I couldn’t lay in the bed. It was all painful.” Ponsell stated.

Following his treatment Ponsell remarked, “By the end of the first day though, I was feeling better. Day two was better, and on day three I was able to drive up to Athens to move my daughter into her sorority house.” 

It’s just been a few weeks since this treatment and he is already back in the gym and enjoying the outdoors.  For Ponsell, it truly has been a lifesaver.

“I’ve told everybody I can to get in here. People have been watching how my recovery has gone and are impressed. It’s been great, I’m going fishing tomorrow,” he said with a smile.

The Brunswick News                                               November 5, 2019

Tommy Ponsell and Dr. Jen Heller sit on a sofa at Heller Healthcare in Brunswick. Ponsell received stem cell therapy after suffering from excruciating pain and has experienced optimal results.

  • Photo by Bobby Haven / The Brunswick News

Couple Rediscovers Life Without Pain

“I have no back pain now. I used to have low back pain that ran down my legs. I can bend over and touch my toes now,” Harry said. “And I’m 75. You either spend the money or you live in pain ... that was easy for us.”

“It’s been incredible. I don’t think I’ve seen results as fast as he has but I have seen results,” Millie said. “I did have a bit of a set-back with a fall (since my stem cell injections) but then Dr. Jen gave me chiropractic treatment and massage. Now, I am back to where I was.”

The Brunswick News                                               October 8, 2019

Dr. Jen Heller, from left, Harry Manges and Millie Manges and Kacey Miller, physician’s assistant, are seated in the office’s comfy lounge area.

  • Photo by Lindsey Adkins / The Brunswick News

Patient Finds Relief From Severe Arthritis Pain

Feeling like she was no longer in control of her body was unacceptable to her. Even though she has been a longtime yoga practitioner and very active, she knew it just wasn’t enough to combat the arthritis.

Kerr was a good candidate for the stem cell therapy program offered by Heller Healthcare.   Following her stem cell treatment she saw improvement right away.  

“I think for anyone struggling with joint issues or really any kind of pain. It’s worth it, even if you started with one joint, it would be very helpful,” Kerr said just two months after her treatment.

The Brunswick News                                               September 17, 2019

Pamela Kerr and Jenny Sharpe, nurse practitioner, stand together at Heller Healthcare in Brunswick. Kerr has seen great relief from her arthritis since having stem cell therapy.

  • Photo by Bobby Haven  / The Brunswick News

Stem Cell Treatment Rejuvenates Whole Body

“This is a tremendously wonderful practice.   And, it’s not just chiropractic and it’s not just stems cells….” she remarked about Heller Healthcare.  “I’m just very impressed with the office and the staff here.   It all flows so well together.”

Within just four weeks of her stem cell injections, Singletary already has an entirely new lease on life. No longer does she live her life confined with her daily 7 to 10 pain.   "I do still have some pain but it’s nothing like it was and it’s really not been that long. I’m 90 percent pain free now and the full effects don’t show until four months," she said with a smile.  "I would tell people who are considering it — don't wait. Don’t live in pain because this is the real deal. I feel like a teenager again."

The Brunswick News                                               August 13, 2019

Kasey Miller, physician’s assistant, and Nancy Singletary discuss her progress at Heller Healthcare in Brunswick.

  • Photo by Bobby Haven/The Brunswick News

Treatment Allows Patient To Live Fuller Life

“For me, thinking about knee replacement surgery was just impossible with how many people and animals I have depending on me,” she said. “Plus my thinking has always been there’s got to be a more natural way ... where I don’t have to put in something that doesn’t belong in my body.” Stephens added.

 Just six weeks post Stem Cell Therapy, Stephens’s documented developments are incredible. Her mobility has greatly improved; the time it takes her to work is back down to as fast as she has ever been. Her knee pain is hardly noticeable, and she no longer walks with a limp. Her return to an active lifestyle has completely changed her outlook on life and living the way she wants to.

“I should have done it years ago. It’s so worth it. I suffered for so long,” Stephens said.

The Brunswick News                                               July 2, 2019

Dr. Jen Heller, left, and Lynn Stephens sit in a treatment room at Heller Healthcare in Brunswick.

Photo by Bobby Haven/The Brunswick News

Physical Therapist Shares Patients' Journey

Haigh’s ability to relate to patients has certainly helped make her job easier. And recently she underwent a procedure that many of her patients have experienced — stem cell therapy.


“This (stem cell therapy) is such a nice alternative to surgery. You always want to avoid surgery whenever you can. So, whether it’s through different holistic treatment methods — stem cell, physical therapy — it’s nice to have that option,” Haigh said.

The Brunswick News                                               June 18, 2019

Angela Haigh sits as Erica Jackson, physical therapist assistant, inspects her foot at Heller Healthcare in Brunswick.

Photo by Bobby Haven/The Brunswick News

Patients Treatment Changes Life

“I was adamant that I wasn’t going to have surgery. I was going to try everything else first,” Moore said. “I would only do it (surgery) as a last resort.”


“I would tell anyone who has been in my situation whether it’s knees, shoulders, back or elbows ... call Dr. Jen — really,” she said. “It’s an investment in yourself and you are worth it.”

The Brunswick News                                               May 21, 2019

Rachel Moore, left, is pictured with Dr. Jen Heller at Heller Healthcare in Brunswick. Moore received stem cell treatment at Heller Healthcare and has seen impressive results.

Photo by Bobby Haven/The Brunswick News

Treatment Leaves Patient Pain-Free

Worley didn’t have to wait long to see results. After receiving the stem cell injections, she was pain free within a week.  


My only regret is that I wish I had done it sooner,” she said.

“There are so many things that I just don’t think we know about until we find a gem of a place like Jen’s (Heller Healthcare),” she said. “Just that guidance of going through that, makes the difference.”

The Brunswick News                                               April 16, 2019

Kim Worley, left, and Jenny Sharpe, nurse practitioner, are pictured in Heller Healthcare in Brunswick. Since Sharpe administered stem cells to Worley, she’s been able to live a pain free life.

The Brunswick News

Never Give Up on Living a Pain-Free Life

The results from Linda Campbell's stem cell therapy have given her an entirely new lease on life.   And, she feels it was the best possible investment she could have made - one in herself and her future.   

The Brunswick News                                               March 19, 2019

Fitness enthusiast Linda Campbell, left, and Kaye Sommers, occupational therapist, strike tree poses at Heller Chiropractic and Wellness in Brunswick.

Photo by Bobby Haven/The Brunswick News

Patient Finds Freedom in Treatment

"It's a miracle.  It's a miracle. It brought me out of the darkness... I was there." stated Janis Schnellman, following her Stem Cell Therapy at Heller Healthcare.

The Brunswick News                                               February 12, 2019

Dr. Jen Heller, from left, Janis Schnellman and Jenny Sharpe, nurse practitioner, stand together at Heller Chiropractic and Wellness in Brunswick.

Photo by Bobby Haven/The Brunswick News

Heller Healthcare's Village Ready To Serve

We've all heard the saying, "It takes a village."   Well, Dr. Jennifer Heller has established her practice on that same approach, as her office embraces an integrative medical approach to treat and care for their patients.  

Welcome to Heller Healthcare, the Stem Cell Clinic of Georgia, specializing in Regenerative and Functional Medicine, including Stem Cell Therapy, Hormone Harmonization, VIP Medicine, Physician Guided Weight Loss, Alternative Pain Management, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Chiropractic Care, Massage Therapy and more. 

The Brunswick News                                               January 14, 2019

Dr. Jennifer Heller, seated left, leads a talented group at Heller Healthcare including Jenny Sharpe, seated right, Angela Haigh, standing left, and Kaye Sommer, standing right.

Photo by Bobby Haven/The Brunswick News

Heller Wellness Offers Relief From Arthritis

Following Mr. Knapp's treatment - every time he walks into the office now, he smiles and is proud to mark “no pain today” on his therapy intake form. Bob Knapp is full of gratitude and enjoys sharing his story: “If I can help someone else and inspire them to get care, of course I’ll share my story.”

The Brunswick News                                               October 30, 2018

Dr. Jen Heller, from left, Bob Knapp and Jenny Sharpe stand together at Heller Healthcare in Brunswick. Knapp has received impressive results from stem cell treatment.

Photo by Bobby Haven/The Brunswick News

Chiropractor Offers Innovative Treatments

The clientele at Heller Healthcare are reporting that they are running one of the top regenerative wellness programs in the southeastern United States.   Heller's patients that have researched and looked around at other options one the fact that Heller offers total health options.   Patients come from all over the counter - Jacksonville, Atlanta, Arkansas, Indiana and more.  

The Brunswick News                                               November 20, 2018

Victoria Cooper, left, tapes Dr. Jen Heller’s arm to support her stem treatment in her shoulder.

Photo by Bobby Haven/The Brunswick News

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